Dantops Wood Worktops

Please note: Products shown for illustrative purposes only ~ we do not sell worktops retail and cannot respond to requests for quotations

Dantops Wood Worktops

Dantops are a top quality, bespoke wooden worktop available in a vast selection of timbers.  Finished to the highest standards and available in any depth x any thickness x any length, they are the ultimate in wood tops.  Each top is cut to your exact requirements which means no wastage.  Available in an oiled version suitable for kitchen and furniture tops and also a lacquered version suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms, boats and shower rooms.

When planning for your new kitchen, we recommend that you make an appointment to visit our Workshop where the full range of Dantops worktops are available for you to select from.



Dantops Wood Worktops - Light Tones Light Tones

Such as beech, maple, ash, birch etc. 

Dantops Wood Worktops - Medium Tones Medium Tones

Such as cherry, khaya, alder etc

Dantops Wood Worktops - Dark Tones Dark Tones

Such as bubinga, iroko, teak, walnut etc

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