Please note: Products shown for illustrative purposes only ~ we do retail granite separately and cannot respond to requests for quotations.

Classically beautiful ~ durable ~ solid ~ granite is available in a variety of colours and can be cut and polished in many ways to suit your individual style.   Edges can be beveled, sinks can be under mounted and even a draining board can be incorporated into its surface. Granite is stain resistant, heat resistant and easy to keep clean which means that its application around the kitchen area is not solely limited to worktops. Worktop upstands, back splashes and cutting boards are also available.  We also use granite as a surface on some of our custom made butcher's blocks.  Prices start from 209.95 per square metre (edging and additional features extra) and is sold as part of a kitchen project only.

 Granite Ideas - Pan Rests
Ball-bearings  Stainless Rods

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Baltic Brown Blue Pearl Giallo Veneziano
Baltic Brown Blue Pearl Giallo Veneziano
Rose Verde Fontain
Rose Verde Fontain Verde Gloria
Green Bahia
Green Bahia

Other granites available:

* Bethal White * Black * Dark Grey (Impala) * Emerald Pearl * Galaxy Black * Olive Green * Oro Veneziano * Jade Green * Juperana * Juperana Colombo * Juparana Tropical * Kashmir White * Light Grey Spanish * Paradiso * Paradiso Morango * Red Balmoral * Tropical Rosso * Rosso Parin * St Louis * Silver Green * Sambaya * Topaz Gold * Zaphire Brown *


Italian Slate

Slate is another durable and beautiful working surface. An example of Italian slate is shown above in its natural state.  After polishing, it offers a smooth, uniform surface.  Slate works equally well in a kitchen by itself or  with a combination of granite or solid wood surfaces, particularly when dropped surfaces are required.

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